Hidden Meanings


Sometimes, things can get a bit too much for a puppy. In this picture, Shadow has taken refuge from all the ‘love’ under a parked car. Providing your puppy, or dog, with a place to hide will make him feel safer. It is particularly important if you have children, as a time-out area can prevent puppy frustration when the children’s enthusiasm inevitably surpasses the puppy’s. Having their own place is also helpful to combat phobias, giving your dog some control by allowing him to escape if it all gets too much. So consider making your puppy’s bed/crate/stable a puppy-only-zone and save yourself the hassle of digging your dog out from his DIY hiding spot!


One Response to “Hidden Meanings”

  1. My puppy does this under the couch. It is so cute!! She is 6 pounds and it is a low couch so only she can get under there, then she sticks just her eyes and nose out. I think when thy do this, it is adorable.

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